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Is your cat marking everywhere but the litterbox? When you leave home does your dog go crazy? This pet resource section has many useful links that may help (click links below).

You can also email us at with specific questions and we’ll work to get an answer for you. Before surrendering your pet to a shelter, reach out to us for help. Please allow 48 -72 hours for the Animal Help Desk to respond.

For Medical Assistance/Advice

Please note that we are not veterinary medical professionals and cannot answer medical questions. Please talk to your vet for medical advice. If you have an emergency, here is contact information for the emergency clinic in Spartanburg:

CARE Animal Regional Emergency Clinic of Spartanburg

121 S. Blackstock Road

Spartanburg, SC  29301


 Please note that the inclusion of a service, organization or program in this listing is NOT an endorsement or recommendation. We are not able to guarantee the quality of services. We strongly suggest that you check out any providers before using a specific service.

 Bringing Your New Cat Home

Bringing Your New Dog Home

Cat-Urine Marking-Spraying

Cats-Aggression in Cats

Cats-Cat to Cat Aggression

Cats-Inappropriate Elimination

Cats-Indoor Cat Enrichment

Cats-Teaching Your Cat To Use A Scratching Post

Cats-And Their Litterboxes

Dogs-Attention-seeking Behaviors


Dogs-Crate Training Your Puppy

Dogs-Destructive Chewing


Dogs-Jumping Up


Dogs-Puppy Socialization

Dogs-Submissive Urination

Introducing a new dog to a resident cat

Introducing a new dog to a resident dog

Need to Re-Home your Pet?

Click on picture for more information.

Click on picture for more information.